A 25-year journey

In 2020 – a year that has already turned much of what we take for granted on its head – Färgfabriken celebrates its 25th birthday. At the time of writing, the world is facing a major pandemic – a virus that has distracted us from other urgent challenges that the planet is up against. We need to rethink and adapt to a new reality.

Cultural activities are needed now more than ever. Culture, in its various forms, asks questions, poses challenges, offers reflections, and shows us alternative worlds. Färgfabriken has never shied away from taking on complex and unpredictable exhibition projects, staged in its unique setting of an industrial building dating to the late 19th century. Careful restoration has preserved the original character and atmosphere of the building, where visitors can enjoy a broad range of fascinating projects and exhibitions.

Färgfabriken helps to bring these often complex exhibition projects to fruition by providing an arena for a variety of ideas and initiatives and giving them space to develop and grow. Films have been produced with politicians in the lead roles. An artificial sun has been created from burning coals. Architectural structures and buildings in a 1:1 scale have stretched the boundaries of how we create and display architecture. Färgfabriken’s premises give paintings, installations, and other forms of artistic expression the space they need to shine, while projects pertaining to urban planning and architecture have struck upon new formats for communicating their messages, conducting debates, and interacting with their audience.

Färgfabriken is much more than just an exhibition space. Färgfabriken is an arena where art, architecture, urban planning, science, and research create a web of contacts that stretches across the globe. Over the past 25 years, a mosaic of expression has emerged which, in turn, has helped to build up the “immunity” we all need, in the sense that art creates protective mechanisms and acts as an antidote that attacks our prejudices, challenges norms, and opens our minds.

Over the years and in various ways, and thanks to an abundance of hard work from dedicated individuals and organisations, Färgfabriken has been on a journey that shows no sign of coming to an end. Follow Färgfabriken as it continues on its way towards new discoveries.

Joachim Granit, artistic director

A selection of  past exhibitions