Åsa Cederqvist

– Some kind of Metabolism (.2)

AsaCederqvistBUS Installationsvy fr utstallningen En sorts Metabolism Katrineholms Konsthall 2018
Åsa Cederqvist/BUS. View from installation in the exhibition Some Kind of Metabolism at Katrineholm´s Konsthall, 2018

Meet the artist Åsa Cederqvist and her art in the middle of the creative process!

Åsa Cederqvist’s bases her work on an interest in the constantly changing borderline between the object and the subject, and the conditions of redesigning – in the material but also in the mental spheres. 

During her time in the studio at Färgfabriken Åsa Cederqvist Studio will base her work on the material cycles and experiences that exists in the building and the surrounding area. She will elaborate with offsets and change and develop an interface of transformative processes, decompositions and construction. We want to, visually and philosophical, study and try out different kinds of conditions, virtual rooms versus physical rooms, the oral and the tactile, body and machine. 

How does the solid versus the volatile conditions affect us? How can we understand that we are holobionts since birth? What does the changing process means for one’s own emotional centers? What do you need in order to accept changes? How can we understand the remains of the past (the common and the personal)? Is it possible to map out the consequences of a change before it even happens? How can you use your own waste? How can transformative processes be portrayed? What does the lump of fat in the sewers of London have in common with the guffaw?

During this period we would like to encourage dialogue between different practices, researchers and interested visitors. 


 Åsa frInspelningenavMDG 2016 photpFridaWendelFrom the filming of Mama Dada Gaga in Stockholm 2016. Photo: Frida Wendel


Date & Location

Project room

February 13 - March 15


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