Building Blocks

Children and their ideas inspire to new thinking in architecture

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Building Blocks is a result of a collaboration between an architect and a client, but in this case the clients are children between 5 and 16 years old. Building Blocks investigates the accepted roles in the building process, specifically the relationship between architect and client. It also aims to show how a child’s vision of an ideal home may differ from the adult norm. A child’s limited architectural reference and ultimate freedom of choice may reveal new solutions for living. It may also challenge adults to think about their chosen environments in a new way by looking beyond the accepted notions of taste, fashion and tradition. So far Building Blocks has been exhibited in Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin, Mostar, Bucharest and Yangon. 

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Building Block Yangon 520x520

Building Blocks Yangon, 2017

Ten young students from a public school in Thanlyin, a growing suburb of Yangon, design their dream homes.


Building Blocks Bucharest, 2016

Building Blocks was conducted before the Creative Est Festival, in cooperation with Zeppelin.

Mostar 38.5 1 affisch

Building Blocks Mostar, 2015

Architecture brings children from both sides of the city together.

BB Berlin framsida

Building Blocks Berlin, 2012

Färgfabriken's project Building Blocks exhibited at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin.

BB Oslo framsida

Building Blocks Oslo, 2011

Building Blocks Stockholm had its follower at Norsk Form in Oslo. The exhibition was a huge success!

BB Sthlm framsida

Building Blocks Stockholm, 2010

The first exhibition within the project Building Blocks was exhibited at Färgfabriken, in Stockholm.

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