Drone Visions

– A "self-organized" exhibition, created by Drone Dancing, exploring what will mean to be human in the year 2047.

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The technological development is accelerating at an exceptional rate, affecting every part of society. The driving forces for this expansion are mainly based upon economic and technical priorities. But what is happening with the social and cultural dimensions of life due to this development? Will technology solve all of our problems, or will it work against us? Will the drones dance by themselves, or will we dance with them?

Drone Visions is a self-organized exhibition, exploring what the world could look like 29 years from now. It will be presented in the main exhibition hall at Färgfabriken for a duration of six days.

Various creators have been invited to present their visions for the year 2047 on a digital platform. How their project would be carried out or look like was entirely up to the participants; the only requirement being that they explore what the future might look like in the year 2047.

The participants of Drone Visions have collectively planned and selected their works, without the usual supervision of an artistic leader or curator in the making of an art exhibition. The exhibition budget has been distributed between and by the participants themselves through an online voting system on the digital platform created for Drone Visions (http://join.dronedancing.vision). The participants will also install their works on their own.

These projects will participate in Drone Visions at Färgfabriken:
- The First Church of Artificial Inteligence
- My Intentions Are Friendly
- ultra-
- Sileminimal Spa
- Beyond Self
- Litli Geysir Water Restaurant
- Personal Data, Common Good.
- How to tell the future by weaving on an ancient loom
- Mind Controlled Music
- Body Augmentation Clinic – Department of Fairytale Fetishes
- The Botanical Brain Surgery
- r∞m
- The OrgyRobot
- Future was yesterday
- Linnaeus4D
- New Haven
- Strategy of reduction of radioactivity for Chernobyl
- Hear them think!
- Objects of Uncertainty
- Virtual Dancer
- If {non specific droness} ? if {nsdNess} ?

To learn more about each project please click here.

Date & Location

Drone Visions 
 31th of August - 6th of September, 2018
The main hall

31th of August at 4 - 8 pm, free entrance 

Performance-evening and after party:

- 31th of August at 8 - 11 PM.
Tickets 100 SEK. Pre-purchase tickets here 

Opening hours for the exhibition:
1/9, Satuday at 11 am - 5 pm 
2/9 Sunday at 11 am - 7 pm
2/9 Monday closed!
3 - 6/9 Tuseday - Thursday at 11 am - 7 pm

Important dates for participants in Drone visions:
27/08: Build up begins at venue.
31/08: Official Vernissage.
31/08 - 06/09: Exhibition.
06/09: End of Drone Vision exhibition.
06-07/09: Demolition.


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Drone Visions
 is part of Drone Dancing, created by Björn Wurmbach with support from Kulturbryggan and Goethe-Institut Schweden. 

Drone Dancing
is a multi-format social art event exploring the technological development and its impact on humanity's present and future. The project consists of two exhibitions that will be presented at Färgfabriken during the fall of 2018 – Drone Visions and Between Realities. The exhibitions use two separate curatorial methods to demonstrate the possible effect technology will have on the future society.

Video about the exhibition and interviews, created by HodgeArts:


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Björn Wurmbach
Idea and Realization
Contact regarding sponsorship, content, partnership and press.
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Anna Hinrichsen 
Facilitator and Communication assistant for Drone Visions
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Elsa Isaksson
Project Coordinator at Färgfabriken
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