Förstudie för New Urban Topologies i Burma.

Färgfabriken reser till Yangon i Burma/Myanmar den 23-28 november for att undersöka förutsättningarna för ett New Urban Topologies-projekt där under 2015. Vi planerar att träffa Myanmar Peace Center, stadsbyggnadskontoret, Yangon Heritage Trust, Sveriges ambassad samt aktivister, studenter och universitetslärare.

Färgfabriken har sedan nästan två år byggt ett nätverk av kontakter i landet. Besöket finansieras av Svenska institutet.

Färgfabriken anser att ett NUT-projekt i Burma/Myanmar ar viktigt eftersom landet befinner sig i ett politiskt övergånsskede, eftersom stadsmiljön är under starkt exploateringshot och migrationen till städerna kraftigt växer, samtidigt som det finns ett rikt kulturarv att bevara och utveckla.

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Connected: symposium Oct 14th

Connected: symposium Oct 14th

In relation to the project “Connected – things about future cities and people”, which is currently being exhibited in four cities: Bucharest, Bergen, Amsterdam and Stockholm, Färgfabriken is hosting a symposium exploring ideas for more sustainable, open and connected communities.

Oct 14th, 14.30-17.00.
Färgfabriken, top floor.
Admission is free.
R.s.v.p: karin (a) fargfabriken.se

Connected gives us the opportunity to explore the cultural richness and diversity of Europe on our way to finding some common ground of understanding the mechanism of cities.
We believe that the idea of a self-building city increases connectivity and the social and cultural capital of inhabitants, and its relationship to the region. Contemporary urban planning demands a holistic vision, a strategy to build sustainable communities. Cities are not developed through a strict process where one step inevitably leads to the next. A city is constantly changing, developing and is never finished. On our way towards more sustainable, open and connected communities we need radical solutions on a regional scale. But, just as much, small interventions may trigger big responses and affect society in ways not imaginable before they were tested. That's why we believe in experimenting, in order to find solutions we didn't even know we were looking for.

What can we learn from listening to experiences from other cities? Our project partners from Bergen, Bucharest and Amsterdam will introduce us to their different experiences, followed and a panel from Stockholm will react and continue the discussion.

Arjen Oosterman, Archis, Amsterdam
Lilet Breddels, Archis, Amssterdam
Constantin Goagea, Zeppelin, Bucharest
Joep de Roo, Eurodite, Amsterdam/Bucharest
Håkon Iversen, Nuda, Bergen
Joachim Granit, Färgfabriken, Stockholm

Linda Palo,  Project manager urban planning, City of Stockholm
Anna Molén, Planning architect, Municipality of Sundbyberg
Mitchell Reardon, Research Fellow, Nordregio



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